Davis Hutto

Hello, my name is Davis Hutto and I live in Eldorado, Texas. My parents are Glyn and Robbin Hutto and I have a younger brother, Mason Hutto. I am a 2017 graduate of Eldorado High School.  My dad has been involved in the livestock industry his entire life.  His family ranched in and around Utopia, Texas, raising sheep and angora goats.  My mother was raised in the small farming community of Veribest, Texas, where her family raised cotton.  For the past 19 years I have been helping my dad around the ranch and have been involved in every aspect of my family’s ranching operation.  I have helped sort through thousands of commercial sheep and goats over the years.  I have also had the privilege of going through and helping my dad hand select some of the best show goats in the state.  My parents have instilled in me a deep respect for the livestock industry.  I will carry the knowledge and the love of this industry with me throughout my life.  
My stock show career began in 1999 when I was only one-year-old.  My dad traded commercial sheep and goats at the time and the world of goat showing was in the beginning stages.  He began to think 18 years in the future. He began to think about my future. He began to ask himself what would be the best way to make a living on a relatively small ranch.  That is when he decided to try his hand at raising show goats.  He wanted me to be able to not only have fun and meet people in the livestock industry but to build a business that could help fund my college in the future. If anyone has ever met my dad, they know that the word “competitive” only begins to describe him.  It doesn’t matter if he is team-roping with my little brother or raising show stock he will give it everything that he’s got to be in the winner’s circle. 
As far back as I can remember I have been attending stock shows with my parents to watch 4-H and FFA kids show the goats we raised.  I would watch the “big kids” in the show ring and would want to show so bad that I could hardly stand it.  When I was in the first grade I began to show at the county stock show, and man did I think that I was cool!  My dad let me show a breeding doe my first year and I won the county doe show.  The next year my dad let me show a couple of market goats in addition to showing breeding does.  When I won county that year with my market goat, I promise you that I didn’t think there was a cooler 8-year-old in all of Schleicher county!  This was also about the time I began going to jackpot goat shows in the summer.  My parents knew that to be a good showman I would need practice and summer shows were a great place to get hands on experience.  It was hard work getting a pen of goats to lead and show but all the hard work and practice paid off.  With the hard work came a lot of fun and friends and memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I have been blessed with much success over the years but the biggest blessing has been the friendships that have developed.  During those early years of showing goats at jackpot goat shows I developed friendships that will last a lifetime.  I have spent many weekends in hot show barns across West Texas.  It was so much fun to show up at a goat show and hang out with Brittany Sanders, Macie and Marty Lumpkins, and Lindsey and Ian Cobb just to name a few.  When I was finally old enough to show at the Texas major stock shows, I knew it would be hard work but that I would have fun because I would get to see all of my “stock show friends”.   My dad summed it up best when he said, “after all the money is spent and the buckles are lost, the friendships made will endure and that is the most important thing.” 
My third-grade year came and it was finally my turn to step into the show ring at a major stock show. My first taste of victory was at my very first stock show in Fort Worth.  I won the middle weight division of the market goats and I also won Reserve Breed Hair Sheep. I then went on to make the sale at San Angelo and San Antonio. When it came time to go to Houston my dad wasn’t in love with the goat that was left in the barn.  He told me that in order for us to make the trip that my goat had to stand for 5 minutes straight without moving or we couldn’t go.  So I worked every day for almost a month and the last week the goat finally began to stand like a statue for the required amount of time.  This goat went on to win reserve in the light heavy division in Houston.  I just got a first-hand lesson that showed me that hard work pays off.  This is a trait that my dad has further instilled in me even to this day. He would always quote 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “That if any man does not work neither should he eat.”  I went on to show throughout the rest of my school years and I have been blessed to almost always secure a sale hole. 
In 2012, when I was 14 and in the eighth grade I showed a goat to Mr. Marvin Ensor at the San Angelo Stock Show and my goat was selected as Grand Champion Market Goat. This was the biggest win of my show career thus far. This was also the year that I met my best friend, Reagan “Flaco” Thurman. He is someone that has been there for every big event in my life and I know he will always be there.  He is just like a brother to me.  
After my big win in San Angelo, I decided to show a few sheep as well as goats.  I had only shown one sheep before and that was the hair sheep that I showed in Fort Worth my very first year.  I wasn’t too sure about sheep showing as showing goats was what I knew and what I loved.  As it turned out showing sheep wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be and I was blessed with a little bit of success in the sheep shows as well. 
In 2014, I was beyond excited when I won the goat show at the San Antonio Stock Show.  
I was also selected as Reserve Champion Crossbred Lamb in Houston that same year.  Over the next several years I continued to make the sale with my goats and also made the sale with a few sheep as well.
When the summer before my senior year rolled around, it started to hit me that when we went to the barn to select goats that this would be my last time.  This would be a year of many “lasts”.  It would be the last time to get in the goat pen with my dad and select goats for me to show and the last time to go to a stock show and get in the show ring with my friends just to name a few. Even though I wasn’t able to show a goat until the Houston Livestock Show of my senior year, I still enjoyed traveling with my family to support my brother and friends.  Mason was blessed when his goats were chosen as Reserve Champion in both the Texas Stars Doe Show and the market goat show at the San Angelo Livestock show.  It was incredibly rewarding for me to be able to watch my little brother’s successes.  By the time Houston rolled around I was extremely excited to step in the show ring my senior year.   I have always loved going to the Houston stock show and this year was no exception.  I was excited to make the trip to Houston and sit in line all night with the show animals and hang out and visit with all my friends just as I have done since I was in the third grade.  I was thoroughly exhausted by the time we got in the barn with all of the animals and tack, however, I was excited too.  I was excited to step into the Houston show ring for the last time and show a goat that my family raised.  My dad and I thought we had brought a pretty special goat to Houston.  We were not disappointed when my goat was chosen as the Reserve Grand Champion goat of the show.   As soon as the premium sale in Houston was over it was off to Austin where I would step into the show ring for the last time ever.  I waited for my class with another goat that we thought was pretty solid.  I was still very excited about the win in Houston as I stepped into the ring in Austin.  However, I knew that I had a job to do and that I needed to concentrate on nothing else than this goat.  Once again I made it to the grand drive and the judge selected my goat as Reserve Grand Champion of the show.  This was a great end to a very fun and rewarding show career.  
I have been involved in many organizations throughout my high school career, but the organization that stands out the most is the FFA. I have learned more from my involvement in this organization than I have in any of my other classes in high school.  I have held FFA offices at the local, district, and area levels where I enjoyed having the opportunity to become a better leader.  I have had an amazing ag teacher all four years of high school, Mr. John Osborne. He is a man that has more one liners than Will Ferrell, and a heart for his students like no one else in the industry.  I will remember him and the life lessons he taught me throughout the rest of my days. 
During my last two years in high school I have also been very involved in my school’s thriving art program.  My art teacher, Mrs. Diana McGee, has not only been an amazing teacher who saw that I had a natural talent for throwing pottery on the potter’s wheel but she has also helped shape me by slipping in life lessons during everyday classroom conversations and early morning Bible studies that she and her husband, Joe, put together for any high school student who was interested in attending.
I have had a love for airplanes and flying from a very young age.  Last summer my dad and I went to San Angelo one day to do errands and it was just like any other trip to Angelo with my dad.  We went to the feed store, the bank, and ate lunch just like we always did.  However, little did I know that my dad had something planned that would blow me away.  We turned into the airport and continued driving past the terminal and then he turned into the Skyline Aviation parking lot.  I was wondering what kind of business he had there and when I asked him what we were doing there he told me he had made some phone calls and this place was recommended as a good place to take flying lessons.  He then asked me if I would like to take lessons.  I began taking lesson in August 2016 and should have my private pilot’s license in July 2017.   
I have been accepted into Texas A&M University and will begin classes there beginning in June 2017.  I will be studying Agribusiness.  When school starts in the fall I will be in the Corps of Cadets in Squadron 17, which is an Air Force ROTC outfit. I am looking forward to possibly serving the United States of America as a Fighter Pilot in the United States Air Force.  
I would like to thank all of my family and friends that have never doubted me, always supported me and helped me to obtain my goals.